What's the story behind that Painting??

by Sean's Run on Monday, April 19, 2010 at 3:17am

The Story behind the Painting
By Gina V. Beck

There was no doubt in Tom Warner’s mind, when asked to sponsor Sean’s Run for the second consecutive year. Tom is devoted to the cause of raising awareness on the dangers of underage drinking. He believes, “We should continue to teach the youth in our community the dangers of underage drinking which can so often lead to drinking and driving. As a community, we all know first hand the consequences and heartbreak that follows, yet, time after time the story is again repeated.” As an artist, Warner states, “I have donated a painting to be raffled this year, again in order that we can continue to take the proceeds to help with this cause.” The Rally Call here in Chatham, NY is an acknowledgement of our commitment to remain aware together as a community of caring individuals, uniting for a common cause in order to protect the children and young adults who mean so much to us.”

This year, Tom decided that he wanted “Running” to be the theme of his painting which would embrace the onus of being one with nature, running in the hills of the Berkshires. This decision came after reflecting about how Sean loved to run. Tom recalled that his favorite movie, “Forest Gump” included a scene where Forest gets off his porch starts out to the driveway and goes for a run. Then he runs and runs and runs! In fact, he ran all the way to the west coast, turned around at a lighthouse and ran all the way back to the east coast. It was the lighthouse at this east coast turnaround which he painted.

In the movie, Forest ran for his sweetheart Jenny. Sean ran for his love of life and his love for running. In the upper left-hand corner of the painting there is a cloud in the shape of an angel, a loving, caring angel. The painting is titled, “Running forever for you.” The painting represents the love of running and unselfish love of one individual and his refusal to ever give up. It is Tom’s great hope that this community will always support the cause; in memory of Sean.

This painting will be on display at the First Niagara Bank in Chatham NY, through April 23, 2010. Raffle tickets are available at the bank and will also be sold the day of the race at Chatham High School.

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